Oversigt over alle bogoversættelser

Tam McTurk
List of book translations
Updated 05.02.2021


Pseudo-Work: How We Ended up Being Busy Doing Nothing 
Dennis Nørkmark & Anders Fogh Jensen
ISBN: 788702298819

Brave New Normal: Learning From Epidemics
Anders Fogh Jensen
ISBN: 9788797263471


Stop Stress – A Manager’s Guide To Boosting Performance The Scandinavian Way
Marlene Friis Andersen & Marie Kingston
ISBN: 788772046228

ZONIC – The Astralis Story: eSports’ incredible journey from dingy basements to sold-out arenas
Danny Sørensen & Markus Bernsen
ISBN: 9788772381855

Grief – The Price of Love
Svend Brinkmann
ISBN: 9781509541232

Qualitative Analysis: Eight Approaches for the Social Sciences
Margaretha Järvinen & Nanna Mik-Meyer (eds.)
(8 of 17 chapters)
ISBN: 9781526465252


The Joy of Missing Out: The Art of Self-restraint in an Age of Excess
Svend Brinkmann
ISBN: 9781509531578

One Life: How we forgot to live meaningful lives
Morten Aalbæk
ISBN: 9781912555598

2030 Now
Susanne Sayers/Life Exhibitions
ISBN: 9788799757329

Global Economics, 2nd Edition
Hans Jørgen Biede
ISBN: 9788741277189

Organisation, Innovation and Supply Chain Management
Thomas Lindholm Uth, Anne Boeg, Dorthe Bohlbro, Jes Victor Noldus Christiansen, Anne Sejer Hansen
ISBN: 9788741277165

Anti-inflammatory Everyday Recipes
Camilla Clevin
ISBN: 9788793231672


Standpoints: 10 Old Ideas in a New World
Svend Brinkmann
ISBN: 9781509523764

Methods in Marketing and Service
Per Bergfors, Poul K. Faarup, Jeanette Thomsen
ISBN: 9788741271897

Financial Management for the Academy Profession Programme
Lone Hansen, Torben Rosenkilde Jensen, Morten Dalbøge
ISBN: 9788741257655


Habitat: Aarhus
Susanne Sayers, Emil Skovgaard Brandtoft
ISBN: 9788799757312

Supply Chain Management and Marketing
Thomas Lindholm Uth, et al.
ISBN: 9788741263663

Sales and Communication: Personal, Social and International
Louise Grue Bennike and Mette Risgaard Olsen
ISBN: 9788741269962


Hans Jørgen Biede
ISBN: 9788741264141

Stand firm: Resisting the self-improvement craze
Svend Brinkmann
ISBN: 9781509514298

Global Economics
Hans Jørgen Biede
ISBN: 9788741264158

Macroeconomics: Theory and practice
Hans Jørgen Biede
ISBN: 9788741264134


Precious Things: The greatest treasures of the museum
Hanne Strager
ISBN: 9788787519793

Stata: A practical introduction
Kim Mannemar Sønderskov
ISBN: 9788741259451


Philosophy of Science: Perspectives on Organisations and Society
Liv Egholm
ISBN: 9788741256573

Project Management in Theory and Practice
Lars Krogh Jensen and Henriette Bjerreskov Dinitzen (ed.)
ISBN: 9788741258164 (Book)
ISBN: 9788741260211 (E-book25)

Copenhagen Green: The Guide
Susanne Sayers and Poul Arnedal
ISBN: 9788799386390

Copenhagen Green: 100 green things to see and do in Copenhagen
Susanne Sayers and Poul Arnedal
ISBN: 9788799386369

Foucault, Crime and Power: Problematisations of Crime in the Twentieth Century
Christian Borch
ISBN-13: 978-0415738460

An Insight into Statistics – for the Social Sciences
Nikolaj Malchow-Møller and Allan Würtz
ISBN: 9788741256917


Power and Welfare: Understanding Citizens’ Encounters with State Welfare
Nanna Mik-Meyer and Kaspar Villadsen
ISBN: 9781138817845

Strategies in Action: A case collection
Lise Justesen (ed.) and Susanne Boch Waldorff (ed.)
ISBN: 9788759316948

Financial Management and the Budget Making Process
Jens Ocksen Jensen
ISBN: 9788741256849

Hans Jørgen Biede
ISBN: 9788741256801 (Book)
ISBN: 9788741259659 (E-book)


Industrial Relations in Denmark: From conflict-based consensus to consensus-based conflict
Carsten Strøby Jensen
ISBN: 9788757427981

Sustainable Development in Practice: Examples from the Nordic countries
Nordic Council of Ministers
ISBN: 9789289323550

Lars Kolind and Jacob Bøtter
ISBN-13: 9788740009392

Qualitative Research Methods in Organisation Studies
Lise Justesen and Nanna Mik-Meyer
ISBN: 9788741256450

A Century of Helping People
Frederik Madsen, Sif Lang Sørensen and Karsten Krogh (eds.)
National Bibliography: DBF201237


Love and Fear
Nina Sten-Knudsen
ISBN: 9788790054199


Brask: The life and times of a Danish tycoon
Henrik Nørgaard
National Bibliography: DBF200948
Original had ISBN-13: 9788776921910

100 Places to Remember – Before they Disappear
Poul Arnedal and Ulla Kayano
ISBN-13: 9788792277039

Bjørn Nørgaard: Myth and Morphology
Ingrid Mossinger, Beate Ritter and Karin Hoff
ISBN: 9783868320015


Pori Art Museum
ISBN: 9789525648096


The Key to Successful Selling
Jens Ladegaard
ISBN: 87-990147-2-6


I Øverste Højre Hjørne: danske frimærker i 150 år
Pedersen, K. B., Wistoft, B. & Birkedal, L.
ISBN: 8789299353


17 Tapestries for Queen Margrethe II
Peter Michael Hornung
ISBN: 8798753630

Tapestries for the Queen of Denmark: Bjørn Nørgaard’s history of Denmark at Christiansborg Palace woven at Manufactures nationales des Gobelines et de Beauvais
Peter Michael Hornung and Bjørn Nørgaard
ISBN: 8798753665


Copenhagen Guide
Lumholdt, Marianne, Astrid Pejtersen and Nina Tolstrup (eds.)
ISBN-13: 9788789985435


Copenhagen Kaleidoscope
Mette Starch and Michael Bonnesen
ISBN: 8798577344

Copenhagen Culture
Gitte Merrild, Jaffa Valentin and Rie Duun
ISBN: 8798577360


Reunion of the Myths, Relief Frieze, Elsinore Ferry Terminal
Bjørn Nørgaard
ISBN: 8770251940


Light Years Ahead: The story of the PH lamp
Tina Jørstian and Poul Erik Munk Nielsen
ISBN: 8798521101


Indleveret, men endnu ikke udgivet:

Special Forces Hero: Anders Lassen VC MC**
Thomas Harder, 978-1526787514

The Pursuit of Victory: My Journey to the Top of the Triathlon World
Narrated in Danish to Mathias Lindholm Jorgensen, Helle Frederiksen & Mathias Lindholm Jorgensen

Influential Power: A Very Practical Guide to Winning Hearts and Minds.
41 Tools Every Leader Should Know
Lene Kobbernagel

Diagnoses: Perspectives, critique and discussion
Svend Brinkmann and Anders Petersen (eds.)

Civil Society, Citizenship and Participation
Thomas P. Boje

Dearest Kek
Lene Ewald Hesel and Thomas Harder

Two Millennia of Catholic Miracles
Lene Stæhr and Alec Due

Jønke: My Life
Jørn “Jønke” Nielsen