Oversigt over alle bogoversættelser

Tam McTurk
List of book translations
Updated 05.02.2021


Pseudo-Work: How We Ended up Being Busy Doing Nothing 
Dennis Nørkmark & Anders Fogh Jensen
ISBN: 788702298819

Brave New Normal: Learning From Epidemics
Anders Fogh Jensen
ISBN: 9788797263471


Stop Stress – A Manager’s Guide To Boosting Performance The Scandinavian Way
Marlene Friis Andersen & Marie Kingston
ISBN: 788772046228

ZONIC – The Astralis Story: eSports’ incredible journey from dingy basements to sold-out arenas
Danny Sørensen & Markus Bernsen
ISBN: 9788772381855

Grief – The Price of Love
Svend Brinkmann
ISBN: 9781509541232

Qualitative Analysis: Eight Approaches for the Social Sciences
Margaretha Järvinen & Nanna Mik-Meyer (eds.)
(8 of 17 chapters)
ISBN: 9781526465252


The Joy of Missing Out: The Art of Self-restraint in an Age of Excess
Svend Brinkmann
ISBN: 9781509531578

One Life: How we forgot to live meaningful lives
Morten Aalbæk
ISBN: 9781912555598

2030 Now
Susanne Sayers/Life Exhibitions
ISBN: 9788799757329

Global Economics, 2nd Edition
Hans Jørgen Biede
ISBN: 9788741277189

Organisation, Innovation and Supply Chain Management
Thomas Lindholm Uth, Anne Boeg, Dorthe Bohlbro, Jes Victor Noldus Christiansen, Anne Sejer Hansen
ISBN: 9788741277165

Anti-inflammatory Everyday Recipes
Camilla Clevin
ISBN: 9788793231672


Standpoints: 10 Old Ideas in a New World
Svend Brinkmann
ISBN: 9781509523764

Methods in Marketing and Service
Per Bergfors, Poul K. Faarup, Jeanette Thomsen
ISBN: 9788741271897

Financial Management for the Academy Profession Programme
Lone Hansen, Torben Rosenkilde Jensen, Morten Dalbøge
ISBN: 9788741257655


Habitat: Aarhus
Susanne Sayers, Emil Skovgaard Brandtoft
ISBN: 9788799757312

Supply Chain Management and Marketing
Thomas Lindholm Uth, et al.
ISBN: 9788741263663

Sales and Communication: Personal, Social and International
Louise Grue Bennike and Mette Risgaard Olsen
ISBN: 9788741269962


Hans Jørgen Biede
ISBN: 9788741264141

Stand firm: Resisting the self-improvement craze
Svend Brinkmann
ISBN: 9781509514298

Global Economics
Hans Jørgen Biede
ISBN: 9788741264158

Macroeconomics: Theory and practice
Hans Jørgen Biede
ISBN: 9788741264134


Precious Things: The greatest treasures of the museum
Hanne Strager
ISBN: 9788787519793

Stata: A practical introduction
Kim Mannemar Sønderskov
ISBN: 9788741259451


Philosophy of Science: Perspectives on Organisations and Society
Liv Egholm
ISBN: 9788741256573

Project Management in Theory and Practice
Lars Krogh Jensen and Henriette Bjerreskov Dinitzen (ed.)
ISBN: 9788741258164 (Book)
ISBN: 9788741260211 (E-book25)

Copenhagen Green: The Guide
Susanne Sayers and Poul Arnedal
ISBN: 9788799386390

Copenhagen Green: 100 green things to see and do in Copenhagen
Susanne Sayers and Poul Arnedal
ISBN: 9788799386369

Foucault, Crime and Power: Problematisations of Crime in the Twentieth Century
Christian Borch
ISBN-13: 978-0415738460

An Insight into Statistics – for the Social Sciences
Nikolaj Malchow-Møller and Allan Würtz
ISBN: 9788741256917


Power and Welfare: Understanding Citizens’ Encounters with State Welfare
Nanna Mik-Meyer and Kaspar Villadsen
ISBN: 9781138817845

Strategies in Action: A case collection
Lise Justesen (ed.) and Susanne Boch Waldorff (ed.)
ISBN: 9788759316948

Financial Management and the Budget Making Process
Jens Ocksen Jensen
ISBN: 9788741256849

Hans Jørgen Biede
ISBN: 9788741256801 (Book)
ISBN: 9788741259659 (E-book)


Industrial Relations in Denmark: From conflict-based consensus to consensus-based conflict
Carsten Strøby Jensen
ISBN: 9788757427981

Sustainable Development in Practice: Examples from the Nordic countries
Nordic Council of Ministers
ISBN: 9789289323550

Lars Kolind and Jacob Bøtter
ISBN-13: 9788740009392

Qualitative Research Methods in Organisation Studies
Lise Justesen and Nanna Mik-Meyer
ISBN: 9788741256450

A Century of Helping People
Frederik Madsen, Sif Lang Sørensen and Karsten Krogh (eds.)
National Bibliography: DBF201237


Love and Fear
Nina Sten-Knudsen
ISBN: 9788790054199


Brask: The life and times of a Danish tycoon
Henrik Nørgaard
National Bibliography: DBF200948
Original had ISBN-13: 9788776921910

100 Places to Remember – Before they Disappear
Poul Arnedal and Ulla Kayano
ISBN-13: 9788792277039

Bjørn Nørgaard: Myth and Morphology
Ingrid Mossinger, Beate Ritter and Karin Hoff
ISBN: 9783868320015


Pori Art Museum
ISBN: 9789525648096


The Key to Successful Selling
Jens Ladegaard
ISBN: 87-990147-2-6


I Øverste Højre Hjørne: danske frimærker i 150 år
Pedersen, K. B., Wistoft, B. & Birkedal, L.
ISBN: 8789299353


17 Tapestries for Queen Margrethe II
Peter Michael Hornung
ISBN: 8798753630

Tapestries for the Queen of Denmark: Bjørn Nørgaard’s history of Denmark at Christiansborg Palace woven at Manufactures nationales des Gobelines et de Beauvais
Peter Michael Hornung and Bjørn Nørgaard
ISBN: 8798753665


Copenhagen Guide
Lumholdt, Marianne, Astrid Pejtersen and Nina Tolstrup (eds.)
ISBN-13: 9788789985435


Copenhagen Kaleidoscope
Mette Starch and Michael Bonnesen
ISBN: 8798577344

Copenhagen Culture
Gitte Merrild, Jaffa Valentin and Rie Duun
ISBN: 8798577360


Reunion of the Myths, Relief Frieze, Elsinore Ferry Terminal
Bjørn Nørgaard
ISBN: 8770251940


Light Years Ahead: The story of the PH lamp
Tina Jørstian and Poul Erik Munk Nielsen
ISBN: 8798521101